Payment issue

I have a problem after making the payment, Bisq gives me a warning message: "you have locked up funds from a faile trade"
Some suggestion?
Ticket open but without support

Perhaps there was an network issue and the arbitrator never received the message about opening a dispute. Maybe giving a trade id of that failed trade would get the arbitrator of that trade to contact you here.

trade ID:394695-6a7b4624.e615-4cfc-be31-7371aae1f0ef-062

Hi @momax, please go go to Portfolio->Failed, click on the (i) information button for this trade, copy the Selected arbitrator onion address and paste it here. That way we’ll know for sure which arbitrator should have this trade (I just checked, and I know I do not actually have it). Thanks.


hi! from this issue there is always this warning window on Bisq, do you know how can do for resolve?

Thanks. This is @keo’s arbitration address. Keo, can you investigate, and see whether you have this trade’s dispute ticket visible?

I’m sorry, what warning are you referring to? Can you please paste a screenshot?

Well if this pops up simply because you are trying to use the funds that are still locked in the failed trade as the warning says, then you will have to go through the arbitration process first before you can unlock these funds and use them.

ok, but the payment via bank is done for bitcoin, what happen now?

Now you wait for the arbitrator to respond, he will instruct you what to do next.
Don’t worry, it will all be resolved. Just be a little bit patient. :blush:

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Sent u a PM