Payment issues

Hi, I sent 0,005 Bitcoin to someone. I did the transaction at the 14th of January 2021 at 5 pm and now 8 hours later, it says it was just seen by 7 partners but it is still waiting to be confirmed even once. What can I do? Please help me.

Use the txid to open it at a blockchain explorer, probably mining fees were low considering current market conditions and your transaction is waiting if it’s going to be included into a block.
To do so at Bisq wallet, go to Funds - Transactions and click the unconfirmed transaction TXID column. It’s similar for other wallets.

Thank you for your answer. I took your advice and find that the fee in my transaction is just 2sat/vB. So it will take very long time for including my transaction into a block. I was just afraid that I am going to loose my money.

Can I cancel the payment somehow? Or can receiver cancel the payment somehow? If I had those money back in my wallet I could settle automatic fees and sent it again.

Bisq told me thet the payment was canceled.

What will happend now? I still don’t have my money back in my wallet.

You can try to double spend the funds. Keep looking for the txid at blockchain explorers, if they forgot about your trade it would even not be considered a double spend. The receiver could try a CPFP (Child pays for parent) as well. Maybe it’s better to start chatting at Keybase so you can share personal info and the conversation is more fluid.