Payment Method Security

I am new to the crypto world but am interested in P2P transactions. I watched a video by the founder and saw that I would need to provide a payment method and that is understandable. My question is this: Where does the information I provide reside and can BISQ or anyone see that information?

Information about your payment methods resides only on your computer, in Bisq’s application data directory. The only time this information is shared is when you take an offer from another trader, and then it is shared only with that trader. You must see his or her payment information so that you know where to send the payment, and they must see your information to ensure that the payment they receive is from the correct person.

If i can add a follow up question :), This local data is encrypted on our drive if we choose to password protect bisq isnt it?

Yes, that’s correct.

Only the wallet is encrypted. The database data not.

Thanks for clarifying, Manfred. The database data is indeed stored in a binary format, but it is not encrypted. Whole-disk encryption, e.g. FileVault on macOS is recommended.

Thanks for confirming. I think it would be a good idea for this to be encrypted in future release down the line, what do you think? We cannot guarantee our trading peer is storing data securely.

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That’s a good point, @shrike. I’m not sure whether @ManfredKarrer has considered encrypting the contents of the database and for some reason decided against it in the past, but it wouldn’t hurt to open a GitHub issue about this at Please do so, assuming you’re familiar with GitHub (I can do it for you if not).