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Heads up about Zelle. I was accessing Zelle through my bank account, and ran in to problems. See: Zelle Network® User Service Agreement | Zelle . It states: You agree that you will not use the Service to request, send or receive money related to any of the following: … Traveler’s checks, money orders, equities, annuities, or currencies, including digital currencies, such as bitcoins; among other things. I was getting blocked from the the service, first because I added payees that just opened an account, and finally was informed that I could be permanently blocked by Zelle. It is not a good payment method for us in the US.

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how is a honest citizen ever going to get them bitcoins if zelle is not an option…
Jokes aside, yes, it is not the first time something annoying happens with Zelle, and anything they might deem suspicious will lead to such things. With private payments to other people, they cannot really know if it is related to btc, nor it should really their business to ask, but they will find other things to complain about.

Bisq users of Zelle and Strike do often report issues with making payments. Usually it is due to low limits (Strike) or trying to make payment to a person that has been blacklisted (Zelle).

US has many payment methods. Newer ones added include:


Also US Postal Money Orders work very well for a safe way to buy and sell BTC with no KYC.

Zelle is currently the most popular payment method for Bisq when trading USD. I assume this is because it is coinvent, but I think there are better payment methods out there including those above.

My payment was just blocked by Zelle and I have 2 open trades right now!!
What can buyers do in this situation? I don’t want to lose my deposit b/c Zelle are bunch of cavemen., what can people do here?

I would recommend opening mediation. You can do this by clicking on Ctrl + O.

I would also send your peer a message in trader chat to make them aware of what is happening.

The options to complete the trade would be:

  • Send payment by another Zelle account (in agreement with seller and mediator)
  • Send payment by another another payment method (in agreement with seller and mediator)

Alternatively the trade can be cancelled . If the trade is cancelled the BTC Seller can ask for compensation of up to 20% of the trade amount. This is another reason why it is good to communicate with your trade peer as the better the communication the more likely the issue is to be resolved and the less likely you will receive a penalty.