Payment Options for International Users


I want to buy bitcoins using bisq but I am not sure I can buy it because I am not in USA. I am in INDIA and most payment options (to buy BTC) are for U.S. only (for example: Zelle, Venmo, Cash App, National Bank Transfer and Cash deposit all are only limited to U.S.A.) I don’t have a bank account in USA so I can’t use national bank transfer.

I guess perfect money can be used to buy bitcoins but I don’t see any seller who is accepting payment via perfect money. Also, I am not sure that it will work because perfect money is restricted in U.S.A.

Is bitsquare only for U.S. citizens?

Can it be used by international user for making bitcoin purchase? If yes, can you please give me the list of all payment options that are for international users who are not in USA ?

I see most users are selling bitcoins using Zelle? Is there a way to make payment by Zelle while I don’t live in USA?

Please reply.


No, Bisq is not limited to USA at all. In fact, most of the offers were historically always on European market over SEPA. Currently there are twice as many offers in EUR than in USD.

National bank transfer payment method is available in almost every country, so you can use that.
Furthermore, you can recommend any payment method with low chargeback risk and relatively low fees to be added to Bisq for your country.

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As far as I know National Bank transfer means bank to bank transfer within same country and there are no offers available in INDIA.

Do you mean if someone who lives in USA and is offering national bank transfer then I can take that offer and send money from my bank in INDIA using bank wire? But that will require routing information and sometimes wire requires intermediate bank details and there is no option to contact seller for getting that information.

Can I chat or talk to seller using bisq? If yes, please let me know how to contact seller.


You can make an offer to buy or sell BTC in India, using national bank transfer. India will become an important market and maybe you can start it.

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You are correct, markets are quite isolated. USD is traded in US and EUR in EU generally.
Same would be for India I would assume.

Once there were no offers in USD either, but people created them and there you go.
There is no reason not to create an offer in Bisq if you don’t see any that you like.
Don’t be shy.

Any plans to support wire transfers?

I’m not sure, but I think they aren’t added for a reason.
I think the fees are too high or something, I don’t know.

You can do wire transfer as well as ACH. They have be re-activated in v0.6.7.

Is that done via the National bank transfer option? Would it also be possible to add an additional field called
Payment Details:

This is optionally and is usually used to specify that the transfer is to be further credited to another account. Smaller banks typically use larger banks to manage their transfers and so additional details about the payment/transfer are usually sent with the wires/transfers

You can’t just accept open offers, but you can also open a “I want to buy BTC” offer, e.g. with “national bank transfer” as payment option.
Then, when someone in India wants to sell BTC, that person sees your buy-offer and can just accept it.