Payment received, mediator not answering, cannot release coins


I have two open trades with one buyer, which both went into a dispute (however, there was no reason from my side for it, but the software showed me an alert to start one). Anyway, the buyer sent the fiat in time but since a dispute was initiated I cannot close the trade and release the coins. The mediator is not answering for a week now.

Could you please have a look into it?

Trade IDs are:

Hi @BitcoinUnicorn thanks for the message.

Thanks for the message. What is the name of the mediator for each trade?

You might want to send them a message on Keybase as this week there has been a problem with some messages not arriving.

Mediator names are the same on keybase as shown in the Bisq app.

Hi @Pazza

mediator’s name is leo816. He is not listed on link you provided. However, contacted him now on Keybase App, let’s see.

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He replied that he has technical problems and take care of it asap.


Technical problem does not seem solvable. What can we do know? Can another mediator take over? When does it go into arbitration?


Hi @BitcoinUnicorn Leo is avlaiable for support on Keybase.

His username there is @leo816 (same as here) but he uses Keybase more frequently.

Mediators are generally unable to help resolve eachother’s tickets.

I’m going through the same situation with a large trade. Day 13 since maker received fund but only one reply from leo816 claiming trade is closed. Tried to message bisq wiz admin via keybase but was blocked from communicating. How do clients contact an administrator?

Hi @Tag22

I am not sure how/why you are trying to contact @wiz

You just need to go to Keybase

Download Keybase
Set up your user account there
Join Bisq team on Keybase
Message @leo86 on Keybase

Keybase is the best place for support. You do not need to message Keybase Admins to join the Bisq team on Keybase.


Keybase is showing @wiz as an administrator and I though I could get some clarification for the issue I’m having. The funds have not been released and the only response I received from leo816 on Keybase is that the trade is Closed. Does bisq have an alternative contact if the mediator is not responding? If the trade was closed does that mean the funds won’t be released?

Hi the alternative option is to open a GitHub support issue here: Issues · bisq-network/support · GitHub

I am sure @Leo816 will be able to answer your questions though. He is around for support on most days.

Hi @Pazza
unfortunately @leo816 is not responding anymore on keybase, any chance to resolve the issue with a new mediator?

Hi @BitcoinUnicorn thanks for making me aware. I have sent @leo816 a message in Keybase asking him to revert back to you.

Thank you, he came back to me and we are now trying to solve the issue.

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