Payment started on buyer side, stuck on seller side


I am the BTC buyer. I made a payment to the BTC seller via Revolut and he received it.
I clicked on payment started on my side.
The payment status message reads as : Message arrived at peer

On the seller side, he is stuck on wait until payment is started. So he is not able to release the BTC.
I opened a dispute.

We are both using bisq 1.1.1

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edit : Trade ID is 888643

edit 2 : arbitrator is g72ouph23eznvpuz.onion:9999 @Arbitrator2

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Hello ,
… how do you know that ?

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Since we used revolut for the transaction I had seller’s email.
The seller explained me that he was stuck on wait until payment has started and he sent me a screenshot.

My side, buyer/maker :

His side, seller/taker :

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Hi, thank you for the images, I will help you through the dispute

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I imagine that such cases are quite rare (probably a network issue).
But wouldn’t it be possible to allow the sender to click several time on the payment started button ?
The receiver appli would catch the 1st notification well received; and simply ignore the supplementary notifications.



I came here and made an account to say the same thing. I opened 2 different trades with the same buyer and he both payments at the same time, but only one has been marked at paid on my side. It’s been over 24 hours since I confirmed the one that DID come through as paid on my side. I have no way to verify it with the buyer since we can’t communicate.

It seems you have a systemic bug that a user can’t easily know is occuring much less report. I’m not sure what happens when the timer runs out, but should I just open a ticket now? I’ve delt with this buyer before and he’s always prompt, and after reading this post, it just re-inforces my doubts that it is infact a bug.


edit: does it lower my privacy to post the trade ID here so an arbitor can help me (I’m logged in via TOR). I’m also using the latest release of Bisq

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If you know the onion address of your arbitrator, then with using the search feature, you’ll find who it is. And then you may PM him directly.

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Yeah, you can never know if the other user is just busy for some reason now or if there was a bug. Communication between peers is useful, but also opens up Bisq for whole new security issue of social engineering.

Posting a trade ID shouldn’t lower your privacy. It is probably alright to post it, but as Homrad said, unnecessary.

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