Payment Time

It is Friday after banks have closed. I placed an order to buy BTC. I sent money USD but because it is Friday, money won’t leave the bank until Monday and won’t arrive until Thursday which is beyond the 4 days. It’s a weekend AND Columbus Day. It seems you don’t allow for weekends or holidays.

afaik, there is some tolerance.
And if it comes to arbitration, you can explain your case.

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Yes, as Homrad said, arbitrators understand this so in case of a dispute they will not make any trouble out of this.

Trade ID GGDVK. I’m at work and may not be able to reply to arbitrator for the next few hours.

That’s ok, arbitrators will wait a while for you to respond when you can.

I agree with @ButterMyBisquet that the max. allowed trade period should be measured in business days. Banks with their old school end of day batch processing are slow and if for a trade that takes place on a Friday the trade completion on the next Tuesday will be missed if the banks (sending/receiving) encounter any delays in the time window from Monday through Tuesday. I guess arbitration cases could be decreased this way.

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I just tried to make another buy offer and it took my fee but the seller (looks like went off line) before the offer was completed. How do I get my fee back?

And because I transfered BTC to escrow or holding I can not take another offer

You may open a dispute with cmd+o.
(But maybe you could also let some few hours more to the taker.)

It’s a failed transaction

So the best is to open a dispute.

Command+o does nothing

It may be alt+o or ctrl+o , depending on your OS.
Also you have to select the concerned trade.

I selected all of them. Even on the Support page. As for up in the drop down menu all that shows is

  1. Hide
  2. Show All
  3. Quit

Not Mac friendly I guess

There is no open trade to click on but there is on on a nother page that says failed but doesn’t do anything.


You can try creating an issue here about the lost trade fee.