Payment to different account requested

I have had my offer to buy BTC accepted, however in the Trader Chat the seller of BTC has requested I make a Faster Payments transfer to a different account than the sort code and account number they have entered in Bisq. As it happens the different account is the same bank as my own, which may make a transfer easier.

However I am a little uncomfortable to make payment to an account different than entered in Bisq and wondered if the Bisq community can offer some guidance on how I should proceed?

Similar questions have been asked i the past, with conflicting answers leaving me uncertain what to do:

You should open mediation for the trade. It is against the trade rules for traders to change their account details half way through the trade.

The mediator can help support your with this. To open mediation click on the trade and press ‘Ctrl’ and ‘O’

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Glad to report the trade was completed without mediation.

The BTC seller was new to Bisq and had not realised they needed to enter bank account details for each bank account they wished to use for a transaction. We were able to complete the trade with the details they had entered in Bisq.

As this was my first time with this potential situation I thought it worthwhile to preempt and ask what to do as it may be of help to others also.


Thanks for update. Glad the trade has completed successfully.