Payments involving currency conversion using SEPA

I was investigating how to pay in Euro from a Swedish bank to e. g. a German bank, using SEPA. It turns out that my banks fees do not cover the receiving banks fees and there is no option to do so. It is thus impossible to know exactly how much I should pay without a lot of hassle with contacting the receiving bank. Does anybody know how to get around this?

open a Euro subaccount w/in your swedish bank. fill it up w/ what you need and send it …

Even though SEPA transfers say “shared expenses” only the sender pays the fees on his bank. there are no fees for the receiver of a SEPA transfer.

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OK, then there are no fees for the receiver of a SEPA transfer. It almost must be, since otherwise the system would be unworkable.

Presently I cannot setup a SEPA transfer in Euro using a Swedish bank within Bitsquare. My bank allows SEPA and the receiver gets Euro.

I think this possibility of transfer should be added for those non-Euro countries which are within SEPA.

Its being worked on. Same situation for CHF, while being part of SEPA space currency is preselected and not adjustable. apparently it may not possible with all banks as they have time for adoption till 31.10.2016

futher info regarding transfer fees; not currency exchange fees/spreads of your bank