Payoneer Additional To BISQ

Hey everyone,

Apologies if this is the wrong place to put this question or if it has been asked already, but I am relatively new to this forum (although long time supporter of this project :slight_smile: ).

So I get paid and pay people frequently using payoneer. Long story short anyone who runs an Amazon business outside of the US very likely uses payoneer too. Amazon is big and growing and so are the users on payoneer.

Currently I use localbitcoins to buy bitcoins from payoneer (with no issues so far) and also sell bitcoins for USD on payoneer.

How hard would it be to add this to bisq? Any major issues on the safety side (I know paypal has big issues for charge-backs but I don’t think they happen with payoneer)?


I think the chargeback risk is the main concern with payment methods in Bisq.
So it will likely be possible to add it if it is difficult to do a chargeback in Payoneer.

Perhaps @Alfsbs can look into this payment method.

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Yeah ok, I havent had any issues with it on local bitcoins. However I need to read the fine print on charge backs.

Hello Tyler!

We are currently prioritizing other payment methods, but will include it in the payment methods to add, as I see that there is volume.