Payout did not occur after ticker support was close

The transaction was close due to technical problems, (my trading peer opened the ticket).

The trade ID is: cz7q50-1d98109e-b886-45aa-9a66-0604dfcbf50f-0499

This was the first time I use bitsquare, so I am not familiar how it works. I hope somebody could help me.

The transaction is published:
Maybe it took a bit longer if the peer was not online?
If you still have problems let me know. You should see the tx in the transactions screen.

Hi Manfred,
I just reviewed it, and my balance does not reflect the payout. I also checked the transaction screen and it does not show the tx either.

Can you do what is described here:

Seems your wallet is not in sync.
If it still is not correct after doing a resync and restart ping me…