Payout Transaction is unconfirmed after 3 days

The payout transaction (txid: is still unconfirmed, three days after the seller has confirmed they received the funds. Before I realized it was unconfirmed I created a withdrawal transaction sending the BTC to an external wallet (Coinbase).

It is mentioned in other posts that if not confirmed for 1-2 weeks then “it has not left your wallet”. But in this case, does it meant it has not left the seller’s wallet? Does it go back to them, even though I have already paid?

I also read here: Child Pay For Parent TX - that I could start a new transaction with fees sufficient enough to accelerate the confirmation of input transactions. However, I have already sent these BTC to Coinbase, where it shows as “Pending” and there appears to be no way to send the BTC out of it via Coinbase until after it clears. Is there a way around that?

Finally, I’ve read somewhere that a potential way to rollback the transaction is to “double spend” the BTC involved, but I’m afraid I don’t know how that’s done. If that, indeed, is the way to go, I’d appreciate if you could offer instruction as to how to do that.

Thank you.

The transaction seems to be confirmed now. :slight_smile:

Yes, it is. However, would you take a minute and address my points for future reference, and for the benefit of anyone else having the same questions.

  1. What happens if the payout transaction goes unconfirmed for a time long enough to go back to “where it came from”?

  2. Since fees seem to be the deciding factor, does the buyer have any control over the fees charged on the “Payout Transaction”?

  3. Is double spend really an option for rolling back a transaction like that described? If so, how does one go about doing that? (Considering the BTC went to Coinbase, where it is still showing as “Pending” and not available for transactions)

  1. I don’t know, but maybe the app never stops waiting for payout transaction to confirm and just continues being in the same state. Perhaps @ManfredKarrer can help us with this :slight_smile:

  2. No, as far as I know. This could possibly lead to some troubles in the trade depending on how this is exactly implemented in the protocol.

  3. Any transaction that was not confirmed basically didn’t happen as far as the blockchain is concerned. In the worst case scenario you can always ignore transactions that are unconfirmed as they didn’t happen. In Bisq, this would probably require intervention by the arbitrator, as these bugs usually do.