PC Crashed, No Backup, Now What?

I had a Windows 10 Laptop that crashed and I didn’t back it up. I have the right seed words and password from my Bisq account on that Laptop. How do I get back into my wallet now that I have a new computer. Currently, running on a Microsoft Surface Pro. I downloaded Bisq but can’t get back in using seed words and date, etc.

What can I do now to get my old Wallet back which still had several hundred of BTC in it?

Hi @DesertFox88 sorry to hear about you computer problems.

Here is a guide to restoring your wallet from the seed phrase: Restoring your wallet from seed - Bisq Wiki

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Ihave the same Problem. Pc crashed no Backupdata only the Seed and date. But it dont work with this infos because bisq needs all Backupinfos. If I open a new Wallet to recover the old do I have to set the old Password and do I have to write down the new seedwords first? Can anyone help me to do the best?

You need to install Bisq, and start it. It will start with its own, recently created seed.
Then go to Account - Wallet Seed and “Restore wallet from seed words”. The “wallet date” field doesn’t need to be identical, it’s just to indicate from when start to look for your funds and synchronize faster.