Peer has not responded when taking offer

I’m a little confused why I can’t seem to take some offers when they are visible. It sits there at ‘Check if offer is available’ and then eventually times out with 'Timeout reached: peer has not responded."

Why is the offer listed at all if the peer is unreachable? It seems like Bisq should not show the offer if it can’t be taken.

Perhaps for network bandwidth reasons. Bisq is decentralized so there is no server that will check hosts availability for you. If your client was checking for availability of all the offers all the time, it might be too much. Offer makers pay a fee when they make an offer so the network can relay their offer to everyone else without spam. However, network is usually not that active since offers don’t get created all the time, so it is just a matter of syncing and not a whole offerbook download every couple of minutes or seconds. Offerbook isn’t very big now, but in the future this could be just too many constantly active connections.

Thanks, but what removes a bad offer from the network? Is there a central place that keeps the offerbook? Perhaps clients that try to take the offer and fail can report this as a bad offer.

Also FWIW, the peer is visible on Network Info -> P2P Network with about 600-1100ms roundtrip.

Either your network connection is bad or the maker is badly connected. If the maker goes offline without closing the app the offer might be still visible for about 3 minutes and then it the time-to-life get triggered and the offer is removed.
A restart in such situations might help as well as it creates a new onion routing.