Perfect Money or ClearXchange?

New here and been reading a lot of post but not sure about which way to go.
Perfect money sounds good but their out of Hong Kong and have not heard much about them. Does anyone here use them?
ClearXchange sounds like it might work but all the big banks kinda scare me and it seems there has been some problems with them.
I’m in the US so I have to go with something that will work here. I’m mainly interested in selling bitcoin for cash.

I guess I’ll just keep my finger on the trigger for awhile till I figure it out.

What are the problems with ClearXchange you are referring to?

There are several other threads and post on this form that seemed to have a bit of trouble with getting trades confirmed. Maybe they got the issues worked out? I was just asking, so I don’t sign up for one service and it not work well. If you have a recomendation, I’d apriciate it. Thanks

FWIW I have used cXc for multiple sales and buys without problems. There are some delays with the first use (say 4-5 days), but after the first time it works good. There are some banks internally using cXc (via a ‘pay someone’ feature) but not advertising that well.