Perform transactions on behalf of others

Another question: soon I’ll have to buy crypto for different friends and relatives. It is very unconvenient to me to add every new account for them, because if I do it, I should then wait long time to be verified as mine, before I can make “serious” purchases.
I therefore ask myself, if I warned in advance and asked the counterpart if he agrees, can I send my money from an account registered to another person compared to what will appear written on his screen? In any case, I would carry out the aforementioned payments with the exactly same payment method entered initially in the offer.
If the answer is not, what is the reason for which it is forbidden?

Thank you in advance.

Hi you would need to create a payment account for each individual bank account you wanted to trade with on Bisq.

You cannot trade with your own payment account and send money from another payment account. The reason for this is to prevent fraud like a man in the middle attack Man-in-the-middle attack - Wikipedia

Giving everyone their own payment account and paying from the correct associated payment account is fine.

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Thank you for your answer!
But I would like to better understand the reason for this rule. Above all I would like to understand if this behavior could harm me or to the counterpart, because it is not clear to me.
It would be really very annoying if I have to add an account for each person for which I buy cryptos on Bisq, consequently, if me and my counterpart are agree that they arrive money from different name and surname, I don’t see what the problem may be. And I’m not asking for a controversy, I would just like to understand.

Account signing reduces the risk of chargeback and MITM scams and it’s enforced for every payment account since Bisq consider every account independently of who uses that Tor address.

If you agree with your peer to use a different payment account than the one at Bisq, your peer is risking to suffer a chargeback or MITM attack. But also, as you would be breaking the trading protocol, you are risking that your peer betrays you and starts a dispute because you have sent a payment using a different payment account.

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It only takes a few seconds to add a new payment method.

All the accounts require to be signed individually (assuming they are in different names). This means all accounts will have to make small trades first. This increases the chance that the trader is in control of all accounts listed and reduces the chance of any fraud occurring.

Hi guys!
First of all, I apologize for the delay of my reply and thank you for yours.
I forgot, in posting my question, to specify that the accounts of friends and relatives in question would be TransferWise (now Wise), therefore there would be no risk of chargeback (correct me if I’m wrong).
You wrote me that I can risk the other party opening a mediation because the money came from a different name. My question is: if my counterpart has agreed from the beginning to receive money from another name, what gives them the right to open a dispute? Can’t the mediator just read the two parties’ past chat and verify that he has actually accepted this condition?

Hi guys!
First of all, I apologize for the delay in my reply and thank you for yours.
Of course, opening an account takes very little time and very little effort, but in fact I was not referring to this. I meant that, in order to have the aforementioned accounts completely “operational” (therefore able to make “important” purchases), I would have to wait months for each of them. My initial question arose from the fact that I would like to be able to take advantage of my accounts already signed for some time and with a good reputation to make purchases also in the name of others, without having to register each of their accounts, having to make a small purchase, and finally having to wait a long time.

Mediator have no access to trader’s chat, or a way to verify that conversation.

[quote=“Lung, post:6, topic:10702”]
the accounts of friends and relatives in question would be TransferWise (now Wise), therefore there would be no risk of chargeback (correct me if I’m wrong).
[/quote] Payment methods with no chargeback risk doesn’t need to be signed, they start with the maximum buying limit. Payment methods - Bisq Wiki.

There’s no need to wait to get your limits lifted for Wise.

“Reputation” at Bisq only affects to traders who you have interacted in the past, and not on the payment account level but on your onion address. So maybe your seller notice that you have a different account, but it should be ok anyway.

The problem is that I create my own Wise accounts like SEPA, rather than as TransferWise. This because I noticed that there are no volumes for TransferWise on Bisq: time ago I concluded within a couple of weeks 4 transactions of 10k EUR each through SEPA (paying with Wise), while I had to, in the same period of time and in the same moment, cancel a 10k EUR purchase offer published by selecting TransferWise as a payment method, because no one accepted it. I hope I made me understand with all this round of words…
After a bit of transactions on Bisq, I realized that if I used Wise (however, I recorded like SEPA, rather than as TransferWise), I would be able to find sellers much more easily.
The accounts in question that I have to create are yes of Wise, but recorded as SEPA, and here I should wait too long for each of them.

Cabbage, I was convinced that the mediator had access to the chat of the two counterparts. So every time I asked my counterpart if he agreed that I wrote something in the description of the payment, I could have incurring problems since I would not have been able to demonstrate the fact that my counterpart agreed, right?

Yes, you need to be careful on the chat because screenshots are not a solid proof.

If you use your Wise account to send a SEPA, then your payment method is SEPA and all the security measures (account limits) will be applied.
You need to use the Wise payment method and send internal Wise transactions, which as you have noticed has not much volume yet.