Petition to be able to modify distance from market witout loosing trading fee

As you all know situation on different market can change rapidly.Why do we have to have our security deposits locked forever in non atractive buy or sell offers or cancell them and loose trading fee? We want at least ability to make offers more attractive by lowering percentage of distance from market price if we see that some time fas passed and no offer was taken or market situation changes drasticaly

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That would allow for people to change their good offers to bad offers as well and then bringing them back again if they wish, in an unlimited manner. Not only would this allow to spam the network, with all the updates that need to be broadcasted across the entire network, but would also require Bisq to remove an incentive for people creating good offers in the form of lower fees.

Yes the fee based on the market distance makes such a request not possible. Editing offers is on our road map but in a P2P system that is not that trivial without opening a can of worms…