Phishing email?

I received this email today:


i saw that the trade with id [REMOVED] still has no payout tx.
it might be that both of you have not been online or that a bug caused the problem.

please get in touch with me then i can assist you to get out the locked btc.

manfred (founder and arbitrator of bitsquare)

I assume this is a phishing attack targeted against Bitsquare users.

Well there shouldn’t be a way to connect a trade id with any email, not even for Manfred. This is the privacy of using Bitsquare.

Good to be careful, but yes I sent you that (I either had your email from previous conversations regarding bugs or you used ClearXChange where the email is visible for the other trader and the arbitrator in case of a dispute).
I made a script yesterday to check all past dispute cases if there are still payout transactions not published. There have been 8 such cases and I tried to contact the both traders both via email if available as well as with a in-app private message (similar to update message).
For doing the payout of those 8 cases I need to get in touch with at least one trader to do a manual payout. Some nasty bug prevents to get the payout tx published in some rare cases. But no worry i always got the btc out, no money lost ever…
Please respond by email and I will instruct u further.

The arbitrator (me) can see all the trade details which is available for the other trader in case of a dispute (and only in such cases - in a normal trade the arbitrator does not have any access to the trade details).
You can see the trade details when clicking on the trade ID, that is what the arbitrator sees as well. It is required to be able to solve the dispute case to have full information about the trade.

Oh ok then. Didn’t realize there are payment options that require email. Makes sense then.