Placed 2 orders. No response yet after paying first order, should I be cautious or pay second order?

I am new to bitcoin. I wanted to buy my first bitcoin from Bitsquare. I placed 2 offers last week of 1 BTC. Since it was my first buy, I first wanted to receive my first bitcoins, before I would do a second bank transaction.

I did my first bank transaction (he should have received it the next day), it’s now already day 6,5 out of 8. The guy didn’t send me the BTC. In principal he still has time to send it, but I hoped the first transaction would go smoothly, and I would have a smooth first experience with Bitcoin.

The second order I placed last week, at the same time, was at a 75 euro cheaper price than now. I still have some day to do the transaction. Should I make this transfer also?

The real technical question. If I understand correctly, his own BTC money is “locked” in the system, and if after two days he doesn’t send me BTC, I can invoke an evaluator which will give the money with 100% certainty. He no longer has power over his own money right now. This is a correct understanding of the protocol, right?

If this is really the case and his money is locked, I am equally safe if I do the second transaction now (hence buying BTC for 75 euro cheaper price)?

Any advice what I should do (pay it and trust the system, or move on with caution). I don’t want to have a bad experience losing money the first time I buy bitcoins, especially since I am a student on a tight budget and 800 euro is a lot of money for me. :slight_smile:

First BTC or first BTC on Bitsquare?! Actually not ‘from’, ‘via’ Bitsquare.

His BTC are in a multisig address he can not access by himself, so ‘safe’.

Have you tried turning off & on again the application during the 6.5 days? Maybe some messages got ‘stuck’

Your assumptions are correct.

As @alf said you’re safe and you should pay for the second tx. His coins are locked and will be given to you if you prove to the arbitrator that you made the payment.

The other peer puts his security deposit at risk if he fails to follow the protocol. He might be losing that as well.

Thank you both for the answer. I will pay the second transaction (feeling more relaxed) and continue to learn more about bitcoin. Have a nice day!