Please add HELP token

Good afternoon.
Please consider adding our token.
The project is very important, it can save thousands of lives.
In the future we will invest in charities and develop our charity project.
Please, won’t you please, let us go together to meet those who are begging for help.

Brief description:
HELP Token aims to help fund charities and organizations by developing its own large-scale charity project. The main goal is to build a unique charity platform and mobile application, where for assistance, participants will receive a reward. The project aims to improve international payment instrument by placing our products in the foundations, organizations and private requests.

Telegram channel:
WAVES Explorer:

Thank you!
We hope for your positive response.
The HELP token team.

well, that’s understandable.
The form where to send?

You will need to make a pull request on GitHub. All the information should be in the document.