Please, an arbitrator is needed earlier for blocked trades due to lost data integrity

Hello everyone, for any newcomers to this thread who has an open trade with @FlyingAtomPL, there are 3 options.

  1. Both parties agree to proceed with a manual payout of the transaction via the Bisq application. This requires the private keys of both parties along with additional information. Myself or a mediator can assist in getting this processed. The best method would be to communicate through keybase to get this done.

  2. Both parties agree to proceed with a manual payout which they handle themselves. This makes it so the user does not need to provide me or a Bisq mediator with their private key(essentially a third party). The following guide can walk you through this process.
    It requires again that both trading partners coordinate together since you’ll both be required to gather some information and eventually sign and broadcast the transaction.

  3. Wait for the timelock to expire and the refund agent will handle the case. This is not as efficient and will take longer but requires less coordination between both parties.

Let me know if you have any questions. refer to my previous message if you want to reach me in Keybase.

OK. I prefer the 1st option. Installing keybase now and I will contact you in a few minutes.

@Bayernator, thanks a lot for engagement, I started there to be in touch with you and I’m awaiting instructions after individual decisions of buyers

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Hi all,
Just for update - a team work and community knowledge (one buyer has been a smart guy), also with the kind support from @Bayernator - all this action went us to first cases of resolving two first tickets:

  • FTyTW-1d043c57-b4c7-4105-a7df-187a4570d9d3-127
  • LGV1S-aa4692ef-44f7-41f2-b1f7-15f835da10dd-128
    We are open for next cases If anyone more wants to try to resolve his ticket with us.
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