Please develop a bitsqure client for chromebook

I found a technology :

Probably will have to wait to develop it for the mobile “phones”(really more computers now, then phones) first, as it is probably more popular. However even mobile version is not in the near future.

Chromebook is a important desktop platform.


Agreed. It’s all I use.

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Me too! Have been a big fan since Bitsquare beginnings, would love to use it on Chromebook.

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I not much familiar with it. If java 8 runs there it should be not a big hurdle. One dev who is android dev might be helpful there.

Great interview w G. Devine btw. No rush. You’ve come a long way. Tons of deep thought! Congrats.

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So, then, just to confirm, Bisq is not available on Chromebook?


afaik, sorry but no.

You can run it in a Linux sandbox on a relatively new Chromebook with latest OS version.