Please do what Tor Browser does in terms of updates

Whenever there is an update to Bisq, it puts you through a manual Hell. You are first asked about downloading it at all (but if you don’t, you can’t use the program, so it’s a requirement), then it does so as you wait, and then it requires multiple manual steps to actually apply the update, as if you were installing it initially on a fresh system.

On Linux, which I run, I’m also forced to open a terminal, go to the right directory where the update was downloaded (you are not allowed to provide a full path in the next command for some reason), and then type sudo apt install ./Bisq-64bit-1.9.15.deb etc.

This, especially combined with the many frustrating glitches which keep occurring every (or almost every) time I open Bisq, makes using Bisq feel like a chore.

On the other hand, when Tor Browser has an update ready, it simply lets you know in a corner, and as soon as you click that button, it quits, quickly applies the already-downloaded and verified update, and starts right back up again into the new version. One click. Just like one expects.

Why can’t Bisq also do it like this? I hope that this will at least be one of the major improvements of Bisq 2.

I understand your point, you feel the update process could be much more streamlined than it is now.
I am not a dev, so not aware about the possibility of a Java application to run the install script in a non-user-initiated manner, but I bet the dev team will polish the polishable existing features as soon as they get some slack from the harder work of fixing every issue with the beta release and the larger adoption.
On the other hand, Tor browser has also quite the sponsorship, which Bisq lacks :sweat_smile:

There are good reasons to not install automatically a new version, like dev team going rogue or having their keys stolen and releasing essentially malware. If the user has to manually install, there is more time to raise a flag.
Not upgrading because a controversial or not sufficient tested new feature is also common for aware users (I heard this happens with Bitcoin core).

But I imagine that the best would be to be able to be able to chose if you use the auto-install feature, and not having an option go use such a convenient feature is not good.