Please get in touch: Trader with "buy ETH" offer with ID 5780020

If you are the trader who has an “buy ETH” offer open with ID 5780020 please get in touch.
I tried to send you in the app a private message but as it seems your have network connectivity issues I am not sure you will receive that.

We got some error reports from users who wanted to take your offer.
For debugging the problem I just tried to take your offer and I always get a timeout at the take offer screen (even without really taking it). It seems that your network connectivity is either very bad or that this offer causes some issues due a bug.
I will block that offer to avoid that other users will lose their taker fee if they try to take it and it fails due a timeout (as reported). But please keep that offer still online as it might be useful for debugging later.
As first step to see if there is some bug on your side could you send me the log file (you can open it at Account/Backup - there is a button). Please let me know if there was anything special (strange crashes or bugs in the past) or if you have a bad network connectivity.
Thanks for your support and sorry for the inconvenience.

Just saw you have another sell LTC offer (ID xayxhx) which seems to have the same problem.
I will block that offer as well to avoid that other users lose their taker fee. Please get in touch so we can find out what causes the issue.