Please help! Trying to withdraw BTC funds and no transaction found

Several days ago I submitted a transaction to withdraw BTC from my account but the transaction has never been found yet my BTC is not in my wallet (it is stuck in a transaction that hasn’t apparently been picked up by the network). What do I do? I saw some other posts about exporting my keys / restoring my wallet but am not super familiar with how to do that.

At first, if you use a fresh account, I would suggest Settings/Network Info/Resync SPV chain.

Do you see the tx in any blockexplorer? Can be that the tx fee was too low, they have exploded over the last days. If the tx is not visible in the explorer you can resync the spv chain file and then it should be removed from the tx list and you can do it again. Check if you have set manuel tx fee in settings and either use the suggested fee or use a suffiicently high one to have more success.