Please put security deposit towards trade amount

bisq is great. love it. but the barrier to entry is too high. the liquidity for certain trading pairs is too low. the best deals and trades usually start at 1btc and in the case of zcash it’s usually 2btc. with a 15% security deposit at current rates, that means you need to have an extra 1400 USD just laying around that you can never actually use in the trades, ie you need to have 1400 USD just to play the game. this sucks really bad. I get that we are trying to discourage scammers and bad actors. but why not just put the security deposit amount into the trade? that way you can participate in the market without having to have a huge sum just laying around that really is only used as a deposit. idk how the DAO works but this is an idea that should be submitted to it if possible.

Hey @dustinvonsandwich, as you stated this measure is used to prevent fraud and to protect the traders. The protocol has worked well so far, although yes it does require having spare funds locked up. You could always join our Keybase channel --> to discuss this further.

Also, the model may make it difficult to enter into certain trades now because of the lack of liquidity but as more users come online we’ll hopefully see better more frequent offers at lower amounts. Take a look at and for more info on how it all works/.

If you have a well thought out alternative or solution you can always make a proposal to the DAO.