Please send confirmation again


After accepting a trade (buy BTC for Monero), I sent the Monero and went for the “Payment Started” button. I entered the “Transaction ID” and “Transaction key” from the Monero wallet → Transactions.

However, the Bisq GUI is stuck on “Please send confirmation again”.

I have read the other support issues regarding this kind of issue, restarted Bisq, restarted the computer, and restarted Bisq again, but it still is stuck.

Does anyone have any suggestions, or do I wait for a mediator?

Thanks for a really good product!

Yes It is an annoying bug.
Instead of re-pasting the id and key you can just switch from “portfolio” tab to another tab and then back again so it tries again. Also wait at least 30 seconds after it says “Please send confirmation again”

Hi Badha5h,
Thanks for the information.
Do you experience this every time you enter a TxId and TxKey, or is it very seldom this happens?

Hm. I tried to omit the information about TxId and TxKey in the “Provide sending of XMR” window when I pressed the “Payment Started” button.

After that, it still says, “Please send confirmation again” and will not let me pass the “Start payment” phase.

Is there any way I can continue and let the trade go into the next phase 3.“Wait until payment arrived”?Cause now I’m stuck at 2. “Start payment”

Yes 90% of the time, sometimes I have to press "please send confirmation again " 10 times. But make sure you wait a while after you press “Please send confirmation again”…it looks like it is doing nothing but it is lagging.

Also turn your vpn off if using one, that can make a difference.

When this happens to me, I send it with no txid and tx key, and it works at the 2nd or 3d attempt.

no need to send it without txid and key, just change tabs and go back again, it will re-try with txid and key.

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Hi all and thanks for the advice!

During the night, the trade went into the next phase, “Wait until payment arrived”, by itself which is good.

The strange part was, whether I entered TxId and TxKey or not, it would always end with “please send confirmation again”.
So there was no way for me to pass that stage in the trading phase.

I understand from the documentation that there are a number of things that have to line up for the “payment started” to work. It might be so but it chews on my nerves every time it happens.

The trade is now in mediation, so we will see how it all works out.
My hopes are high and I trust the process.