Please ship the CLI API with the standard Bisq GUI application and make it the same binary

I thank you for recently introducing the much-needed, crucial CLI API to Bisq.

Unfortunately, it requires a separate download and Java installed.

Please make it possible to simply call the existing Bisq.exe file on the command line. For example:

"C:\Users\John Doe\AppData\Local\Bisq\Bisq.exe" --export-csv-history --output-file="C:\...\Bisq.csv"

This would be extremely appreciated. As it currently exists, with a separate download and the requirement to install Java, at least I personally cannot use the CLI API.

I also want to mention that I deeply and genuinely appreciate the mere existence of Bisq. It truly is a crucial and unique component of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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this would be better asked in Discussions · bisq-network/bisq · GitHub

Github doesn’t allow registration. I’ve long since stopped trying to make accounts there.

we probably chatted about this already… you can use your usual email address, but covering it behind a address, if you want to preserve privacy, or register a new protonmail address, I know for a fact that it works

I don’t know what else to tell you. It’s infuriating to keep hearing how I’m doing something wrong or I’m incompetent, etc., when (virtually) every single major website for the last “many years” has completely locked out huge amounts of Internet users from participating in any way whatsoever. I’m not making this up. I’ve long since stopped even trying because every single time it’s the same thing: fake error messages, or you get thrown off after a few seconds of being logged in.