ethereum version of bitsquare

plutus wallet app aims to use escrow services and NFC mobile payment using bitcoin and ethereum at brick and mortar stores. is happy to work with thirdparty exchanges, but really it is needed more decentralized exchange to work together.

the etherdelta exchange the token pluton as it is known, maybe in the future bitsquare may join.

My thought is a decentralized exchange is a social exchange in the quest of privacy and transparency…

Plutons will be added to v0.4.9.7 which is due out in about a week. That will make us about 6 months ahead of Plutus’ exchange, the PlutusDEX, by my estimation of the progress of their code and their lack of programmers.

Unless they have a competely separate code base somewhere else than the official github repository, of course. Because what’s in there is essentially rubbish.

I might postpone the release until the 19.10 because a new JDK is announced for that which hopefully fixes 2 JDK bugs and we can remove our jdkfix jar and make the build a bit easier.

That’s only a fortnight, not a bad idea. It will give you time to catch up a bit too.