Popmoney for USD

One of my US banks uses Popmoney:


Any idea or plans on how to support this?



I’m also wondering about that . Saw a couple of banks are using it now.

@marc Can you have a look?

Yeah, popmoney won’t work.

  1. You can use debit card payments (via popmoney) which are usually easy to charge back.
  2. Bank transfers (via popmoney) use the ACH (not exclusively) system which is easy to charge back.
  3. Their TOS are beyond ridiculous: They have a prohibited payments section (14) ( a) to g) and 1-6 within) which is so vaguely written that they canjustify blocking just about any payment.
    Additionally they have an acceptable use section (15) that again describe uses of the service they exclude ( a) to j) )

That itself is not necessarily a showstopper for the use in Bitsquare as the use is obfuscated.

I would advise against popmoney. Any objections?

For the payment method nerds:

20. Payment Cancellation, Stop Payment Requests and Refused Payments.
Sender may cancel the initiation of a Payment Instruction or stop a Payment Instruction at any time until the processing of the Payment Instruction into the Receiver’s Eligible Transaction Account has begun. Our ability to stop a Payment Instruction or recover funds associated with an unauthorized Payment Instruction will depend on the manner in which the Payment Instruction was initiated, and whether the Payment Instruction to the Receiver’s Eligible Transaction Account has begun processing. Although we will make a reasonable effort to accommodate a stop payment request and to recover funds associated with an unauthorized Payment Instruction, we will have no liability for failing to do so. We may also require you to present your stop payment request or request to recover funds in writing within fourteen (14) days after contacting us. The charge for each stop payment or fund recovery request will be the current charge for such stop payment or funds recovery service as set out in the applicable fee schedule or as disclosed through the Site. Payments not claimed by a Receiver will be automatically cancelled ten (10) days after the processing of the payment begins. When a Sender initiates a Payment Instruction, the Receiver is not required to accept the payment. You agree that you as a Sender will not hold us liable for any damages resulting from a Receiver’s decision to accept or not to accept a payment initiated or attempted through the Service. We will, to the extent permitted by law, make reasonable attempts to return any unclaimed, refused, refunded, prohibited, or denied payment to your Eligible Transaction Account or use other reasonable efforts to return such payment to you as permitted by law.


Thanks, Mister Payment methods expert! :wink:

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