Portfolio shows wrong info


I have completed a trade and am at the screen where you can choose to sent the BTC to your own address or keep the funds in the bisq wallet. I have selected my own wallet address and sent the funds weeks ago. The BTC has arrived in my external wallet with lots of confirmations so I’m happy I have the BTC. But bisq still thinks I have the funds in bisq and the trade is still on the screen asking where i want to send the funds. How would I clear this trade with out loosing the history of other trades I have done on this account?

Sounds like you need to do an SPV resync as your wallet is not showing transactions correctly.

Frist backup your application data: Backing up application data - Bisq Wiki
Next do an SPV resync: Resyncing SPV file - Bisq Wiki

The SPV resync uses a lot of resources so I would recommend not using your computer for anything else when it is running.

If you have any issues reach out for support on Keybase: Keybase

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