Possibility to raise 1 BTC buy/sell limit to 1.5 BTC ?!

Bitcoin newbie here. I really like bitsquare so far, I have been using it for several days and have not come across any bugs yet. :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to raise the 1 BTC buy/sell limit to 1.5 BTC? My bank charges me a fixed fee of 9 Euro for any SEPA transfer of 1000 Euro or less (this is a pretty common fee structure).

Also, a feature request: would it be possible to send a message to whoever we are transacting with?

Hey welcome @trybtc,

great to hear you’ve not come across any bugs so far. We’re getting somewhere :wink:

The limit for fiat trades won’t be raised in the near future. (it was just raised and has to be tested) The limit is a user protection mechanism and part of Bitsquare’s security model. Every raise increases incentives for potential scammers, so we have to be extra cautious in raising this limit.

If I’d pay 9€/transfer I’d immediately change the bank. Maybe you can open an account dedicated to trading with an online bank. Many banks offer zero fees for SEPA transfers.

Regarding your further request, messaging introduces additional risks (extortion, collusion…)and we’d like to avoid implementing it if possible.

Thanks for the response. What you write makes sense, including about my bank. :slight_smile:

I wanted to contact the person I was exchanging with because we were using a SEPA transfer even though we are from the same country. One idea would be for the software to offer a switch to a national bank transfer in that situation. That may be too complicated for too little benefit, though.

Yes to have a better more flexible handling of accounts is planned, though need a UI dev first to cover such work…
From which country are u if u don’t mind to tell us, otherwise u can send me it as PM as well. Just wanted to know where SEPA is that expensive. I know just that from Spain some banks charge 3 EUR what is also insane IMO, but 9 EUR is a robbery. Damn banks…

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I totally understand the urge to contact your trading peer. I experience it myself.

We all have to understand that Bitsquare is completely new way to trade. You can better compare it to Bitcoin itself than to most exchanges. It’s software that eliminates the need for trust. Even arbitrator interaction is absolutely not wished for and is more of a safety net.

I see that Manfred replied to your other idea so I’ll leave it at that.

Thanks for your input!

I live in Poland. My bank charges 5 Euro for SEPA transfers up to 1000 Euro and 25 euro for transfers above 1000 Euro. In addition they charge 20 PLN (4.60 Euro) as some kind of “withdrawal fee”. When I asked at the branch about SEPA fees they didn’t mention this second fee, I only noticed it later. :grinning:

Anyway, this is probably avoidable somehow. I just need to look around a bit.

I can easily imagine that communicating with the other person in the transaction may be unnecessary.

BTW - bitsquare is great for getting started with bitcoin. It’s simple and transparent, you transfer money when you are actually buying bitcoins, and then you can trace every step of every transaction. I’ve also been playing around with localbitcoins and BTCe but those require more steps and more time before the first transaction, and they are more opaque.

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If you are paying more than 1 euro for SEPA transfers, you should change your bank :stuck_out_tongue:

Usually it should be free.

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Hope you find a better bank, they sound really scammy…

Great thanks for your feedback! Good to hear that!

this is also a problem with your bank’s transfer system.
The banks I use just ask for the IBAN first and if it’s an international IBAN then they ask for the BIC/SWIFT and transform the transfer into a SEPA one, instead of a national one, and charge the appropriate fee.
Anyway, you should be able to recognize polish IBAN’s yourself and interact with your bank’s interface accordingly. Even though bitsquare says SEPA, you are not forced to make a SEPA transfer in your bank.

IMHO the only thing bitsquare should do is have the option for national transfers when creating trades, i.e. what manfred is saying about the UI.

The problem is that Polish national transfers are in Zloty (Polish national currency), not in Euro. I actually have three separate IBANs at my bank here, one each for Euro, Zloty and US Dollar. And my partner in the bitsquare transfer sent me his Euro IBAN.

These scenarios are a bit complicated, I’m not sure that the bitsquare software should try to handle them automatically. I have now listed two separate offers in the bitsquare offer book, one for SEPA transfers (in Euro) and another for Polish national transfers (in Zloty). This seems like a reasonable thing to ask users to do. Other exchanges (like BTC-e) also seem to work like this, each currency has its own independent offer book. In fact, at BTC-e bitcoins are often more expensive in Euros than in US Dollars (for whatever reason).

This already exists, I am using it.

Ok, i see the problem there then. Indeed I only use Euro and one IBAN on my account.
Creating trades for each currency seems like the simple solution to me too, even more so because the zloty/eur rate obviously isn’t fixed, so switching in the middle of a trade could be harder.


Sometimes the person making offers in several currencies may even want to use a different “distance from market price” figure for every currency, to compensate for exchange costs or high SEPA fees or whatever.