Possible bug in Bisq 1.2.4, in regards to mediation and arbitration

I have the following situation:

Last month a trade of mine was settled (in my favour) with mediation. both me and the other party accepted the proposed solution of the mediator. Funds were received, ticket was closed, trade was closed. everything was ok.

1.5 weeks ago, this same trade was somehow reopened with arbitration. Although there is no trade to arbitrate anymore (no funds locked etc).
I have told the arbitrator that this is about an already settled trade. At the moment the arbitrator has not responded for over a week now and the arbitration is not closed.

I don’t really mind the fact that the arbitration is not closed. just wanted to give a heads up of a possible bug.



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Update: It seems it was not a bug. Bisq works as it should

If both peers agreed to mediation, why continue with arbitration?

True. apperantly I had it wrong and the peer did not accept the mediation solution? From the mediation-messages I thought he did.

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Maybe forgot, didn’t know had to accept mediation or the “I accept mediation” message was not sent to Bisq properly.

But going into arbitration when mediation was ok didn’t sound like the usual protocol.