Possible bug: unable to create altcoin account (doge)

So there is an altcoin market in Bisq for Doge/BTC. It is currently showing some buy offers, and also some trades done about 6 months ago. However there is no way to create an account for Doge - it does not show up in the list of coins. Many other coins are there like Dash Eth, Monero etc. But without Doge in that list I’m not able to create an account and therefore cannot trade. I tried upgrading to the latest Bisq (1.2.5) to see if that resolved the issue but it didn’t. :grimacing:

Dogecoin (DOGE) has been delisted due to inactivity. You can verify so under DAO > ASSET LISTING FEE / PROOF OF BURN > ASSET LISTING FEE. Unfortunately, the software doesn’t enforce this efficiently. For this reason some users retain the ability to make offers. You can read more on how to reactivate the asset on the documentation page.