Possible fishy trades

One week ago i sold BTC at a good price, and now i wanted to rebuy it. BUT, one thing attracted my attention. I selected seller, and i see that this is the same SEPA bank account holder, which sent me money week ago. Now he is listing all the bitcoins divided into smaller /15 parts.
And he is selling into loss. (That’s not a problem - everyone can make mistakes with trades)
But for me it looks, that the platform was used by him to get 15 smaller transfers to his bank account (not looking into the loss). Some kind of money laundering.

What are your suggestions? is this normal? Should i proceed with the SEPA transfer to his account?
How should i cancel it? (I would chose another BTC seller)

Hi @bumpyhumpy2 thanks for the post.

Only the other trader will know what is going on behind the scenes.

What you have described does not sounds fishy to me. Buying a large quantity and selling in a smaller quantities is common across all industries.

Traders will often buy BTC to sell on Bisq.

With regards selling into loss. This might be a matter of perspective.

For example some traders might be happy to take a fiat loss but btc gains. Others might want to profit in fiat.

My suggestion would be if you are concerned with dealing with any particular trader then consider blocking them.by adding their onion address to the ignored peers in the Bisq settings.

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As i thought, bank does not allow to send money to this account holder. Account is fraudulent.

Just open mediation with Ctrl + O and explain what happened, try to provide proof that the payment can’t be completed.