Possible Fraud

Hi Guys,
Yesterday I made a buying offer for 0.08BTC, it got accepted by a seller almost immediately.
Today I made the bank transfer and confirmed that the payment is started. The buyer confirmed the payment immediately and my computer lost internet connection for about 1 minute.
5 minutes later my bank called me and asked if I did the transaction, because the target account got flaged for fraud.
There is no btc transaction in bisq visible, so it looks like the my desposit is gone as well.
I think my Bisq frontend got hacked and the seller somehow changed the target wallet.
The seller has a chinese name and a german N26 bank account.
What can I do?

I made a SPV resync, the Multisig payout is still missing.
Now I’m trying to withdraw the rest of my bisq wallet, the transaction is now, after 30 minutes, still not in the mem pool. The transaction overview in bisq tells me ‘seen by 0 peers’. Bisq tells me I’m connected with 7 bitcoin peers and 11 bisq peers.
Any idea what’s wrong here?

Another SPV resync solved the withdrawal problem. I saw now, that the multisig wallet containing the trading money and both of the deposits is still existing, no payout.

Can I contact the seller or open a mediation after closing the trade?
I’m quite unsecure now, I don’t understand completly what happend and how i can solve this now.

Hi thanks for the post.

Fraud on Bisq is very very rare as anyone attempting fraud usually ends up losing their BTC and security deposits. This keeps scammers away from Bisq.

The bank check you experienced is pretty common most of the time when a bank ask did you send the money they want to make sure you actually meant to send it and are not being scammed. Once you confirm the payment was made by yourself they usually let payment go through without issue.

Has your payment gone though to the seller? If not I would recommend contacting your bank to release payment.

Also the best place to ask for support is Matrix: Matrix bisq.chat - Bisq Wiki

Matrix was a good hint. Thank you!

No problems, replying to you on Matrix now