Possible to trade XMR for USD into my PayPal account?

I have XMR for sale, and I would like to receive USD, preferably into my PayPal account. Is this possible? If not, what is the easiest way to receive in USD?

Hi Pete, Bitsquare doesn’t support Monero to dollar…yet. (Waiting for XMR to get multisig) It also doesn’t support PayPal because it’s easy to do charge backs over there. (This is a list of the payment methods used for Fiat, you can see what is the most easy for you https://bitsquare.io/faq/#paymentmethods.)
Right now Bitsquare support Bitcoin to fiat and alts to alts, the next version that will be with us soon will support Lite and Doge to Fiat as well. I wish Monero had a multi-sig already!!

Also would be really cool to see Tether traded on Bitsquare/bisq, is that technologically an option?


You can only trade XMR for bitcoins right now. Then you can sell bitcoins using ClearXchange or some other method as listed on FAQ, as qbisq said. :slight_smile: