Postal Money Orders from USA

I’m trying to educate myself on using Bisq with U.S. Postal Money Orders.

The costs appear to be a small charge for the issue of the MO (<$2 for US destinations and <$9 for destinations outside US), and the additional charge of sending the MO through the mail.

Maximum value of a MO can be $1000 for US destinations, and $700 for non-US destinations

Sending a MO outside of USA can be sent by Priority Mail Express International®, Priority Mail International®, First-Class Mail International®, or First-Class Package International Service®.

Sending a MO within USA can be done by, it seems, first class, regular or overnight mail.

When I investigate BTC sell offers on Bisq, I believe it would be helpful if I understood whether the recipient’s address is within USA or outside USA, since the number of MO’s required to cover the sale and the cost of shipping would be impacted by this info.

It would be interesting to hear comments about the process from those who have gone before.