Price reference out of line


I’m trying to get more users to use Bisq for the MYR-BTC trading pair.
But the price reference provided by BitcoinAverage is way off.

This prevents putting more sensible quotes.

The largest exchange in Malaysia has historically been hit with banking issues, so their market isn’t reliable. Please use references from localbitcoins, remitano or a two-way conversion from MYR:USD & USD:BTC.

Hi @Vardiz ,
Thanks for bringing the point and for the suggestions.
This is an issue you should submit to the developers via .

(I’m however not sure that your suggestions can be easily implemented).

Yeah, this should be looked into by the devs.

Meanwhile, you can place fixed price offers, although I understand the inconvenience.

I’ve asked BitcoinAverage, here’s their reply

I don’t have a Github account. Hopefully the devs see this. Seems like a simple fix.

Devs are not browsing the forum much atm.
The right place to ask for new feature is on the github.