Prices provided by bitcoin average (market price provider) are out of wack for CAD. ???

So this issue has been happening for a while, I want to buy more but prices provided by bitcoinaverage are 450$ dollars more then on the popular CAD exchanges.
Can anyone help? Are others seeing this too.

I have BTC/CAD : 8924.59 right now (from bitcoinAverage)
Do you have this price also ?

I think it is the best if we talk about this on the Slack.
There are better chances that it will be seen by the people who are involved with price nodes.
Perhaps there needs to be something done about this if it is a confirmed issue.

So, the prices used to be ok half a year ago, now whenever you compare the price to exchanges and CMC its higher by alot (400-500$).

Why, I like this platform, are there devs on here?

Also few ppl use slack, do you have a link?

Hello, have a look here :

Devs are here, we can maybe ping @ManfredKarrer here.
Everyone is on Slack, but the invite link hasn’t been working for couple of days.
Usually Chris fixes the link when it is expired, but he has been having some health issues lately so he might not be able to do it right away.

PS: I can see what you mean. With a quick Internet search I found 3 different exchanges claiming a price of 1 BTC = 8520 CAD while it is 8944 CAD on BitcoinAverage. This is something that is on their end, so we should look into other people’s complaints about it. Hopefully there isn’t some kind of price manipulation attack on BitcoinAverage.

I am on holiday atm… Maybe someone can ping BTC Average to check…

I just sent a mail to

edit : answer:

Hi, Are you referring to our global index? If so this is very much expected as CAD exchanges have a huge premium over the global rates.

On Sun, 16 Sep 2018, 08:03 wrote:

Since a moment the BTC/CAD price you deliver is ~400$CAD above the other market places. (~8.800 against ~8.400)
… what is happening ?

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What do you mean about the global index, when I’m using Bisq, the price I’m seeing is the cad price as I marked myself in cad. I compare the price on Bisq to the cad exchanges and to coinmarketcap and it’s off by alot, so I brought it up here .

I assume Homrad just copied the answer that BitcoinAverage gave him, so he can probably only speculate to the meaning of it just like we can.

Bisq shows correct price from BitcoinAverage, why BitcoinAverage is so off, I have no clue.

Slack invite is fixed now. If you wish, you can take this discussion there, but other than switching from BitcoinAverage as a price provider, at least for the CAD market, I don’t think there is a lot we can do here.

Bitcoinaverge has 2 modes: global (usd price is converted with nation currency rate) and local (using local exchanges). I would need to check the pricenode to see what is used there. I am on holiday atm so cannot do that soon, but will have a look into it in about 1 week.

Enjoy your vacation, I just wanted to bring this up, so we get more Canadians buying as with the price being so high there is an incentive for sellers but barely any buyers.

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From our side all is ok.

I will ask Shaun.

Maybe it is because it is mainly created from 2 exchanges which have very different prices: atm 8750.00 CAD atm 8131.10 CAD

@proskilzz Which exchanges are you referring to? Do you have volume numbers as well?

PriceMonitoring v0.0.1 is running since sunday with a 5% threshold to trigger.
And BTC/CAD didn’t generate any alert. It’s not a pricenodes gap issue.