Privacy Game

Hello Bisq, this is Marina from Incognito Chain

We launch a non-commercial Privacy Quest ( campaign to educate people about privacy.

During the campaign, users will be able to win different prizes in real-time from several coins to an annual VPN and Node device.

At the end of the campaign, one of the participants will win 1 BTC. The winner will be chosen randomly, on a blockchain, during a live stream event.

Here is more info about the quest: There is 1 BTC hidden around the internet.

We wanted to add bisq as a part of the quiz! Simply for users to open a chest will need to find your post or socials where a QR will be hidden.

What do you think about this idea?

For faster communication, please contact me on Telegram (@marinashim) or via e-mail (marina@incognito. org). Cheers!

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@Marinashim you may want to reach out in the Growth channel in keybase!

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