Privacy in Bitsquare

I just published a blog post about privacy in Bitsquare:

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wow, thanks for this! Learnt a few things. Dont hold back on technical info, those who want to learn to maximize there privacy will make the effort to understand it. i was already considering running a core node for a vote count against BU. This bloom filter issue is a concern.

In terms of fiat scams. there are still people afraid to jump in with bitsquare in case of getting scammed, triangulation scam was what i read someone was concerned with recently with bitsquare - i had to look it up. How does this differ to usual MTM scam? Should the fiat bank comment be something more than just random numbers/letters to protect against these scams. EG. random#rent, random#food, random#taxi, this way the fiat sender will likely know they are not buying that phone they think on ebay? But this kind of message format could really stands out

Would like to see what bisq can do with monero once multisig is implemented.

Thanks for the great work. The continued effort to increase privacy further is very good to see!

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Thank you very much for this informative blog post. It certainly reaffirms that Bitsquare is the best solution for privacy-conscious users, even if there are still improvements to be made.
I hope this project reaches the popularity it deserves.


What is triangulation scam?
Yes there have been some suggestion regarding other reference text. But as long we don’t have problems there I think it works just ok so far. It is a difficult topic… Using reference text to obfuscating the real reason for the tx might be problematic as well. An ID is somehow neutral.

Basically money laundering.

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