Privacy - Prevent BTC/LTC address highlighting from opening url in browser

I’m using the latest Arch Linux AUR package of Bisq. I noticed that when highlighting the send address for a BTC or LTC address, Bisq automatically opens it in the default browser. Is there a way to prevent this or at least give a pop-up warning? I’m not good at programming and can’t find the relevant code in the Github repository. Thanks.

At the very first time when you open an external URL you get a popup where it asks you to open it in the browser or just copy it to clip board. The selection there will get persisted. You can reset that in the settings/general.

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I see, in general settings it’s in “Reset all ‘Don’t show again’ flags”. That worked. Thanks!

I recommend using as your default a headless browser like Choosy (for Mac, but there’s probably something similar for Linux). Choosy can be configured to route URLs based on patterns to different applications. For example, I route block explorer links to Tor Browser, I route GitHub links to a dedicated browser I use for GitHub, and so on. Even though Bisq does have some basic support here as discussed above, the solution I’m talking about is much more robust because it works across all applications.