Privacy question/ Revolute

hi, I’m a new user, first trade using revolute completed. Did I do it right?? I added the counterparty’s number to my contacts to send funds. This morning the counterpart’s name showed up in my contacts… is there another way to use revolute? does he now have my name and number also? Any suggestions welcome…

The Revolut forum may be of better help.

thanks, I’ll take a look…

Hi, this is second had but I was told:

The most private way to use revolut is via payment links, but they still leak full name
When using the phone the name is added by revolut after the transfer is done

But please confirm it yourself.

how do you redeem the payment link with an existing revolut account? it seems to leads to account creation only on my phone? when I try to open it in the app (an icon on the top of the page after filling in my phone number - it opens a general ‘something went wrong page’

thank you for any pointers

I needed to add the counterparty to my address book, otherwise revolut failed with error upon opening the payment link