Problem funding trade from Bisq Wallet


For some reason when I try to fund a trade from the bisq wallet it does not properly reflect the amount the app itself displays as available.

Please notice the available funds amount blurred at the top are not the same the app says I have to fund my trade from the Bisq wallet.

I also tried cmd+e and it displays the proper amount of funds

I would post more images to detail my problem but the forum just told me that new users cannot upload more than one image…if additional data is required just let me know.

Any idea what is going on here?


Edit: The app is actually missing 0.01BTC so instead of 0.05237476 it just accounts for 0.04237476

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Perhaps you should try going to settings and deleting the SPV chain file. After 2 restarts, you should try again and post here how it went.

Thanks for the comment.

I am not too much into Bisq. How I could do that and what would be the implications of me doing that?. Is it risky in terms of losing funds?

And btw, is this something unheard of?

As I said, you could go to Settings in the app and find a button that says “Delete the SPV chain file” or something similar. Click it and restart the app two times.

You can not really lose funds in Bisq as long as you have your wallet or your seed words. You can always export your private keys and import them into an external wallet.

It happens from time to time that the app shows wrong balance, this is why that button was added as a quick and easy fix for most common cases.

I did that but no luck. Same problem.

If I try to fund my offer with the available amount Bisq displays I actually have, a pop up window shows up telling me that, in fact, I have exactly 0.01BTC less than what it displays.

Any idea what is going on here?

P.S: As the image I posted shows the problem has never been Bisq not displaying the right amount as available funds but the discrepancy comes in when I try to fund my trade. Has this anything to do with fees?

I am not sure, 0.01 BTC is a default buyer’s security deposit. What balance does it show when you use the emergency wallet tool by pressing cmd+e?

It displays the right amount.

Then perhaps you should withdraw your funds from Bisq, make a Bisq backup and then rename the Bisq’s data directory. You can also try reinstalling Bisq now and make sure that you have the latest version.

After this you can try again and use Bisq as it was never installed in the first place and deposit your funds and try a new trade.

Thanks for the reply.

I already withdrawn all my funds from Bisq. Is there any place where I can get a more detailed version of the process you mention?. Like for example, how to make a Bisq back up, the location of the directory I need to rename, etc…

I use Bisq for linux.

Documentation and tutorial videos are currently in development, but it should be pretty easy to understand naturally. You can make a backup by going to Accounts->Backup, you will be able to specify the location where your backup is stored.

Data directory is at /home/username/.local/share/Bisq so just rename that to something else or move it somewhere safe, just in case, but it is very likely unnecessary if you are certain that you have withdrawn all your funds.

When there is not data directory anymore on that location, Bisq will create a new one next time it is started, like it is running for the first time on your computer.

This seems to be an odd bug. I noticed the same. My suspicion is that Bisq does not add up all inputs that are available. In my case, I had funds from former trades but it would only show the amount I deposited to the Bisq wallet recently. Maybe the last update messed something up?

Did you try to install an older version?

Thanks for the answer.

So if I go ahead and do that, the process should be as follow?:

  • make back up of account
  • uninstall bisq
  • move folder from /home/username/.local/share/Bisq to another location
  • reinstall Bisq

Also if I understand correctly and having in mind I have no funds inside Bisq, making a back up would just keep my payment methods/altcoins data? or something else?.

Nope. Was using latest 0.6.3. Did not try with an older version.

Correct. Reinstallation of Bisq might not be necessary, you can just rename the data directory.

Yeah, a backup should be only be storing your accounts, but it is just a general good practice to not delete old wallets, but keep them somewhere safe, just in case.

Most of these suggestions are only extra precautions, the point is that you just want to remove that data directory so you can start Bisq from scratch and see if it fixes the issue.

Thanks for the clarification.

I just went ahead and renamed the /home/username/.local/share/Bisq to something else and restarted Bisq. All is working as expected (fresh start)

Now I would like to restore my account settings (payment methods/altcoins data) by importing the file saved as back up, but when I try that by pressing “import accounts” from the account tab instead, I can see a directory structure like this:

  • btc_mainnet (folder)
  • bisq_log (file)
  • (file)

Which file should I select in order to me to recover my payment methods/altcoins data?

I think that it might just be easier to create your accounts again, so you don’t risk something not working from the backup.