Problem with a trade

Selling ETH, I made the payment in ETH and I did not receive the payment in BTC. The arbitrator mistakenly misunderstood the situation. What can I do?

Have u opened a dispute? cmd+o or ctrl+o.

Dear Manfred. Thank you very much for answering me. I opened a dispute and the arbitrator closed it saying I was late. I was on time.

I need back any, or the BTC or the ETH, it’s not fear that I lost everithing and the other part doubles his inversion.

@ManfredKarrer, 1 BTC is too much money.

@ManfredKarrer. I have just opened a support ticket using Ctrl-o. I need to reopen that dispute. Offer id was: YGBIV8D-1361efa7-d08d-471a-a429-ee15cbe245e3-04993. Arbitrator was: ntjhaj27rylxwvnp.onion:9999

Ups, sorry I made a mistake with the payout and send to the wrong side! He answered already and will send you the trade amount to your receiving address. Sorry for that!