Problem with Trade

An error occurred at task: TakerCreatesDepositTxInputsAsBuyer
Exception message: org.bitcoinj.core.InsufficientMoneyException: Insufficient money, missing 3150000 satoshis.

So apparently i took an offer, paid the Taker fee but cannot proceed further.
Trade id is: IZOnf-86d30a9e-834a-4d14-8d79-ee8dc20a2cf7-04993
Transaction 49cc7cc045409b5b99e9976d854b5e4ff27d5c5960f7e8b11eac74f3a35c3918

What happened? Will i get the taker fee back?

Do u use the latest version?
Can u send me the log file? U find it at Account/ Backup -> button to open the data directory, there is the log file.

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i sent you the logs of the day via private message