Problem with transaction TIMEOUT, BTC tax and security deposit paid

Just took an order, paid the tax and the security deposit. Somehow it got stuck and I got a TIMEOUT error message.

Transaction id is 9hoaam0e-4df2b5cb-4dbe-403b-bffd-d3b3349b73aa-067. Apparently the order is still opened. How to actually take the order or get my funds back??


Your funds probably didn’t move anywhere, Bisq just might not be showing it, so there is nothing to worry about. You can always access them with an emergency wallet tool by pressing cmd+e.

In case the trade actually successfully opened and your funds got locked in a multisig, you would need to open a dispute with cmd+o or contact the arbitrator over this forum.

That looks like a trade id, not a transaction, so I can’t help you with that. Arbitrators will be able to look at your trade id and see if it is their trade.
You can look for deposit transaction id and use a block explorer to determine if your funds ever moved from your wallet.

Thank you for the response. I could retrieve most of my funds.

However, ended up loosing 0.0015 BTC in fees/taxes which translates today to more than 10 USD. It is just sad to loose some money on a bug…

Don’t worry, you can contact @cbeams about that.

This happened to me yesterday twice! In bth cases I got TIMEOUT message. I lost the miner fee; the “locking” key of 0.1 BtC was refunded.

Trade shows in history, and trade state says: TAKER_FEE_PUBLISHED

Dear Noah, sorry to hear that you also lost the fees.

In my case I did not requested any refund and let it be. Mainly because in my second attempt all went well and I got a very nice deal in that transaction.

I hope this bug (or whatever it is) can be prevented in future versions.

All the best.