Problem with withdraw

Okay so it looks like I got ripped off, i tried to withdraw the little bit of btc 0.0005 I had on bisq and now it’s gone. I’m new here so I don’t know what went wrong. I tried to upload a picture but your forums said the the picture was to large. I really dont feel like registering to a cloud service just upload a picture. I guess I’m never getting back that btc.

Could you provide more details please?
Did you successfully create a withdrawal transaction?
Is there any txid that we can look to see what happened in that transaction?

Bitcoins don’t usually just disappear, they have to be somewhere.
If there was some kind of bug with a transaction and it never got confirmed then your bitcoins are still in your wallet and you will be able to recover them.

can i send you a private message to you so i can send you the information?

Of course, you can always send me a message :slight_smile: